BG Style has existed forever in my mind and my life but for many years was overtaken by my main business Public Relations and living in small spaces. For 40 years, I always went to thrift stores, for clothes mainly but collectables whenever possible. In New York I started collecting dinner ware in the Blue Willow motive, plates, bowls and pots, and when I came to Florida I collected blue/cobalt glasses, mis-matched to add and complete a dream dinner table set that I have yet to have.

I got my first client just by chance, who was decorating a new Moroccan apartment on the beach, she loved all that was cobalt blue and bought a lot of items including plates, platters, and glasses – martini, wine and everyday cobalt blue glasses.

Then came the ruby reds, browns, golds, silver, greens, turquoise, black and whites. I quickly included diverse pottery, including urns, kettles, vases and pitchers, anything that caught my attention adding to the glass collections I was forming. I even found pottery that was made at an art or pottery school by students –an assortment of mismatched but interesting pieces.

I love finding these special old numbers from around the world, holding them, feeling them, observing their forms, lines and design, cleaning them and photographing them together – they become like children. I love it when they fit together creating an art work. A collection, accent or group for a room always need pieces that go together whatever your taste, put together to create a color blast that will attract your eye on entering a room or reflect on a pillow, an art work, a table, a carpet or wall color. Each find is unique and mostly one of a kind, but all vintage and found the way they are. Some might have a chip or other small default and must be bought as is, but that adds to the realness of them and to their travels and previous lives.

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